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Texas Style Belling

Texas Style Belling Tools from the Steven M. Hain Company are available with either a “45-degree” bell, or a “60-degree” bell. The “45-degree” Texas Style Belling Tool is avalable in 18-inch thru 96-inch diameter shell sizes, and the “60-degree” version is offered in 18-inch thru 36-inch diameter shell sizes. Both the “45-degree” and “60-degree” Texas Style Belling Tools are capable of belling out to a minimum of three times the diameter of the tools shell. Manufactured in the U.S.A., Hain Company Texas Style Belling Tools are all built to extra, extra heavy duty (XXHD) specifications.

Hain 24-inch diameter, 60-degree Texas style belling tool.
Hain 60-degree, 84-inch diameter Texas style belling tool with upper centralizer.