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Model 120K

Pile-Top Drill Unit for Reverse Circulation Drilling

General Specifications

Power Unit

  • 425 HP Hydraulic Power unit w/ Diesel Engine, 140 gpm x 3,500 psi main pump with 4-way open-spool control valve, 25 gpm x 3500 psi auxiliary pump w/3-section, 4-way closed spool control valve, hydraulic reservoir, fuel tank, full sheet metal enclosure and remote control system

Drive Motors

  • 2 each fixed-displacement Hydraulic Motors with maximum torque output of 21,980 ft-lbs and speeds up to 120 rpm

Rotary Table Final Drive

  • 3.30:1 ratio, Spur Gear Drive, 26-inch opening

Kelly Bar Drive

  • 14" Roller Drive mounted on the Kelly Bar.

Hydraulic Pile Gripper

  • 4-way Hydraulic Pile Gripper System secures Drill Unit to Pile, and creates torque reaction base


  • 23,000 lbs. Rotary, Frame
  • 15,000 lbs power pack
*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Theoretical Performance of 120K

Rotary Torque Rotary Speed
120,000 ft-lbs 12 rpm