Your single source for large diameter shaft-drilling equipment, tooling and installation methods.

About Us

The Steven M. Hain Co., Inc., founded in 1973 by our current company President & CEO, Steven M. Hain, Sr., serves the large diameter drilled-shaft industry with the design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of specialized drilling equipment and tooling.

Steven M. Hain, Sr., got his start in the heavy-construction industry as the equipment manager for California-based, heavy-engineering contractor Gunther & Shirley Company in the late 1960s. From there Hain moved on to the George F. Casey Company – a foundation drilling contractor – where he was general manager. Hain then worked for foundation drilling company Zonver & Jarret, where he served as project coordinator until the early 1970s when he went to work as a sales engineer for Smith International-owned drill rig manufacture, Calweld, of Santa Fe Springs, California. In 1973, Calweld was in need of an independent sales engineer in the booming Texas/Oklahoma region of the United States and Hain jumped on the opportunity, establishing the Steven M. Hain Co., Inc. in Dallas, Texas.

In the early years, the Steven M. Hain Company represented many drill rig manufactures, including Calweld, E/Z Bore, Watson and Spiradrill, as well as many tooling and bit manufactures. Today the Hain Company manufactures its own line of crane-mounted drill attachments and pile-top drill rigs, as well as kelly bars, drill strings and circulation swivels, that are all designed, engineered and manufactured at the company’s headquarters just outside of Dallas.

In addition to manufacturing crane attachments and pile-top rigs, the Hain Company also designs, engineers and manufactures a complete line of American-made drilling tools, including augers, drill buckets, cleanout buckets, core barrels, circulation bits, soil mixing tools, drop chisels and other specialized and custom tools.

Realizing the magnitude of subsurface and complex job conditions that confront contractors, our company has geared its operations to offer the finest equipment and tooling to meet these challenges. This includes a large and modern fleet of premium rental equipment that is second-to-none.

As specialists in large diameter drilled-shafts, it is the Steven M. Hain Company’s commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality, most state-of-the-art drilling equipment and tooling − that exceeds industry standards.

All engineering and sales is done “in-house” at the Steven M. Hain Company, which permits us to deal directly with the end user. By operating in this fashion we are able to provide the highest quality products and services directly to our customers, in turn allowing them to run smooth and efficient projects.

From heavy civil construction − including bridges, locks and dams − to private ventures, our machines and tools have contributed to building the foundations of infrastructure in the United States and around the world.

Whatever your requirements in large diameter drilled-shafts may be, you can rely on the total capabilities of the Steven M. Hain Company − your single source for large diameter, shaft-drilling equipment, tooling and installation methods.