Your single source for large diameter shaft-drilling equipment, tooling and installation methods.

The Steven M. Hain Company is the leading manufacturer of large diameter drilled-shaft and soil mixing equipment and tooling for the construction, foundation, mining, environmental clean-up, and ground improvement industries in North America. Our main product line is comprised of the Hain 450K T-3 and 165K T-3 Crane Mounted Drill Attachments, the 120K Pile-Top Drill, and the 120K-60 Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig.

We also design, engineer and manufacture swivels, kelly bars and drill strings, as well as all types of heavy-duty, big hole tooling − including augers, buckets, core barrels, belling tools, drop chisels, flat bottom bits and custom tools.

Our equipment is primarily used to bore large diameter drilled shafts for the foundations that support everything from skyscrapers and bridges, power plants and transmission line towers, to locks and dams, and marine terminals and ports.

In addition to manufacturing drilling equipment and tooling, the Steven M. Hain Company also specializes in designing and engineering drilled shaft installation methods and procedures. Whatever your drilled shaft requirements may be, when it comes to heavy civil construction, we are the single source for all your drilling equipment and tooling.